Innovita Research

Innovita Research is a research and development company working in the scientific fields of aging medicine, immune and degenerative disorders. The company runs a number of R&D projects in the fields of aging, immunotherapeutic approach for cancer treatment and regenerative medicine with the help of cells and their components. During many years of research activity, the company has developed these important technologies:

  • successful regenerative and anti-aging approach in mice models to decrease degenerative processes and induce revitalization of the body with the help of proteins (natural and recombinant), cells and their components;
  • immunomodulation of cancer environment with tumor associated antigens which helps to remove tumors from the body in experimental animals.

The company provides technologies and related products for researchers working in the areas mentioned above.

Innovita Research also offers high quality pre-clinical trials service of any kind of customer substance , device or technology.