Innovita Research prepared the necessary technical documentation and subsequently launched a pilot production of the most anti-cancer vaccine.


Credit: Innovita Research.

In terms of technology, the vaccine is a poly-antigenic, anti-cancer product, which is derived from the tissue cells infected with human-alien cancer. Due to its being 100 percent alienated from human cells, the vaccine is able to make the strongest possible effect on the human immune system. Surface of the components of the vaccine cells contains the main cancer antigens of carcinomas and xenogenic antigens, which form a powerful target towards the human immune system and due to these development of a vital anti-cancer reaction of human body is evoked. Not only the general chains of immunity, but the immune memory of a human body is triggered and synthesis of endogenous biologically active cytokines is induced.

Clinical indications for the application of polyantigenic anticancer vaccine: melanoma, breast, prostate, renal, colorectal, ovarian cancers, brain tumors and all types of carcinoma cancer types. All active and patients in remission are good candidates for this immunotherapy drug.

Stage of cancer development: immunotherapy is always giving the best results in the early stage of disease. Disease progression severity and tumour volume is directly correlating with immune response and effect of vaccination for the outcome of the patient.

Xenovaccine course is not less than 10 vials. Recommended application scheme is: 4 subcutaneous shots 4 times a month, then 2 subcutaneous shots 2 times per month and one shot each month till 10 vaccinations have been performed.

This product is offered only for scientific research purposes.

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