Innovita Research

Innovita Research is a research and development company that runs a number of R&D projects in the fields of immunology and regenerative medicine, based on using cells or (and) their components. The company has developed the following cell-based technologies:

  • Regenerative and anti-aging technologies to ameliorate degenerative diseases with the help of proteins (natural and recombinant), cells and their components.
  • Cancer immunotherapy with xenogeneic differentiation antigens.
  • Leucocyte-based antitumor, anti-infectious, and tissue-protective technologies.
  • T-cell-based immunotherapy for autoimmune disorders.
  • Storage of immune and stem cells.

The company provides technologies and related products for researchers working in the areas mentioned above.

Innovita Research also offers high quality pre-clinical trials service of any kind of customer substance , device or technology.