Innovita Research scientist at work

Image credit: Innovita Research.

Presently, the company continues research and development activity on anti-aging medicine, immunotherapeutic approach for cancer treatment and regenerative medicine. Particularly, these R&D projects are performed:

  1. Xenogenic anticancer vaccine preclinical investigation in murine models.
  2. Cellular mitochondrial transfer technology, preclinical investigation in vitro and in murine models.
  3. Project “M”, mice lifespan prolongation with the use of cellular, subcellular and biopharmaceutical approach.


During many years of research activity, the company has developed a number of technologies to overcome disbalances of biological systems, preparing drugs from the own tissues and cells of the patient. Personalized approach to treat a disease is the main target in our technologies:


Innovita Research holds these patents for its technologies:

  • Xenogenic normal tissue-derived vaccines for breaking the immune tolerance to tumor-associated, antigens.
    Seledtsov V.I., Darinskas A., Seledtsova G.V. Patent WO 2016046651 A1, 2016..


The company provides a number of products for scientific research purposes:


The company uses Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified system for research activity and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified entities for small-scale production of cellular products for preclinical investigations.

Innovita Research also offers high quality pre-clinical trials performance service of any kind of customer substance, device or technology.