Nature has developed plenty of smart mechanisms to help us to go by the way of evolution, reproduction and limited life span. These are related very closely, so our main task is to find solution for this riddle by using abilities of biological systems to help us to drive this mode to life span prolongation by smart technological approach. By going deep into biological systems, we found many interesting points in some pathogenesis of incurable diseases, so we applied our knowledge how to make body heal autoimmune, degenerative diseases by using its own tissue, usually blood and immune system components. Here we developed a number of technologies to overcome disbalances of biological systems, preparing drugs from the own tissues and cells of the patient. Personalized approach to treat a disease is the main target in our technologies.

We started more than fifteen years ago as a company mainly interested in aging problems and research in a field of anti-aging medicine. Everything has begun from collection and analysis of all information about aging process and how it could be managed. From the very first beginning we consider aging as a disease, which is caused by programmed processes in the cells, tissues and organs. We can start from the error prone DNA replication system, which eventually drives all the body into cascade of replication errors leading to molecular mechanism disregulation and triggering of regenerative problems and going deep into cell organelle dysfunctions such as . Mitochondrial DNA, which is also touched by aging and needs to be repaired or replaced with the new ones, better young ones. This is not all, as there are all vital systems touched by time, and this needs to be considered when we think about smart engineering of biological systems to escape fall of the body as a complicated machine into switch off mode.