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We can not influence what has been, but we have a real opportunity to change what awaits us. 3D printing technology is already revolutionizing the world, and this is just the beginning.

Aging is an inseparable element of every human existence, regardless of skin color, sex or place of residence. It was, it is and will always be. In recent years, the intensity of this phenomenon has dramatically increased, which, with the simultaneous decline in the birth rate, means that the percentage of older people in society is constantly growing.

In 2012, the percentage of people over 60 years old was 11% compared to the whole of humanity, and by 2050 it is expected that this number will amount to as much as 22%. As a result of the improvement of the quality of life and the progress of civilization, the duration of human life will be longer.

Each of us dreams of a peaceful, carefree and happy old age. Above all, we value the independence and freedom we want to enjoy as long as possible. However, reality is not always painted in pink colors. Can this be remedied?

Not since today this question is asked by the University of Life Sciences in Poznan, which is part of the international Balt-Seanior program, which introduces innovative solutions aimed at increasing the comfort and safety of elderly people's life at home. The Get Models Now design office together with the Faculty of Wood Technology at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan has taken the gloves in the fight for a better and fair future for seniors around the world.

Age Simulator is a multi-part and multi-stage project, whose indirect task is to make life easier for the elderly. Originally, the suit was created for young furniture designers who, using it on their own skin, can understand the needs and limitations faced by older people. It will definitely enable the production of perfectly contoured furniture, thanks to which the life of seniors will become simpler and more comfortable.

Appropriately adapted interior furnishings will not contribute to the deepening of diseases or their formation. In specially designed furniture there will be a built-in mechanism, thanks to which, after pressing the button, the drawer will open and close automatically, without the use of any human strength. Mounting the same mechanism in the cabinets will cause them to open or go down depending on the user's needs.

Furniture Making is not the only field in which the suit will find its application. It will also prove to be an ideal working tool when designing public transport vehicles, homes, clothes or cars. It will also be helpful in arranging the surroundings of the urban space. The universality of the Age Simulator will contribute to raising public awareness of the ailments and limitations that come with age. People after wearing it will become more empathetic and understanding towards older people and anybody can get one with the help of Get Models Now.

The suit was designed after many hours of analyzing the observation of the movement of a woman aged 75, who performed daily activities in a natural way – walking, bending, crouching, sitting on a chair, getting up, climbing stairs or reaching objects from the shelf. Every smallest detail noted in her attitude allowed for perfect refinement of this project. The creation of his present image was possible thanks to the use of mixed techniques. Its creation included, among other things, 3D scanning technology and 3D modeling. Its the world's only Age Simulator made entierly in 3D printing technology.

After putting the suit on, the silhouette is humped heavy loaded, and the possibility of problematic movement starts to be obvious. The shoulder pad causes a significant reduction in the movement of the hands by reducing its angle. The task of the elements created on the thighs and calves is to simulate the fatigue of our tendons and joints, which in our old age affects us more and more often.

Taking body weight with age also becomes problematic and has not been forgotten in this project. The belt is designed to reflect unnecessary kilograms, which significantly limit the possibility of our movement. Movements are not smooth, require concentration and patience. In addition to the suit, the Age Simulator includes 6 pairs of glasses that present the most common eye diseases in the elderly, such as: Cataract, glaucoma, tunnel vision, diabetic vision and loss of visual acuity. Performing the simplest tasks becomes a problem.

A problem that our grandparents and parents are struggling with – and in the future also we will have to face. Educational institutions cooperating with the Interreg Baltic Sea Region and Balt Seanior programs will receive free access to files of the entire Age Simulator, allowing them to be printed anywhere. However, companies unrelated to this program, for whom such a tool will be needed for work, will be able to purchase a ready project in cooperation with the University of Life Sciences and the Get Models Now design office.

Source: getmodelsnow.com