NEGTEC launches Crowdfunding Portal promoting Regenerative Medicine – Innovita Research

NEGTEC launches Crowdfunding Portal promoting Regenerative Medicine to offer donation-based, cryptocurrency support for cutting-edge regenerative medicine and medical equipment.

NEGTEC, originator of the Sakura Bloom (SKB) cryptocurrency project, has announced a new donation-based crowdfunding service and SKB-based web portal to promote the introduction of cutting-edge regenerative medicine and medical equipment to hospitals.

The portal,, will be used to fund the purchase of regenerative medical equipment using CD34+ cells, and provide support for the introduction of the regenerative medicine to medical institutions and hospitals. Donate SKBs to the designated currency address. When SKBs reach the equivalent price of a device, the SKBs will be donated to a medical institution where CD34+ equipment is scheduled to be installed. The medical institution can then convert the donated SKBs into legal currency at a crypto exchange and purchase the CD34+ medical device from a medical device supplier.

NEGTEC, in its own effort to promote the introduction of regenerative medicine, will donate a CliniMACS device, a Miltenyi Biotec product used in regenerative medicine, to the Ojima Ekimae Clinic in Koto-ku, Tokyo. NEGTEC is hoping to introduce more than 50 of these devices in future via the promotion of its donation-based crowdfunding website.

NEGTEC will continue to support blockchain technology and the paradigm shift from smart contract technology and other future-oriented systems as advocated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), and provide similar promotional measures in the future.

CD34+ cell therapies
CD34+ cells are undifferentiated cells found in bone marrow and blood. Regenerative medicine using these cells is an effective treatment for critical limb ischemia (CLI) due to a hardening of the lower limb arteries triggered by diabetes or aging, and for non-union fractures. Regenerative techniques using CD34+ cell therapies are eligible for SAKIGAKE Designation under the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

SAKIGAKE Designation
SAKIGAKE shortens pre-market review periods for certain new medical products, aiming to accelerate clinical trials and approval procedures. In Japan, where screening periods for drug candidates are long, Designation was established to shorten the screening period and broaden the treatment options for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.

CliniMACS Systems
CliniMACS is a device used to extract CD34+ cells from bone marrow and blood when practicing regenerative medicine.