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Senolytic Treatment Fails to Reverse Uterine Fibrosis in Mice

Senolytic drugs that selectively destroy senescent cells in aged tissues have performed quite well in animal studies of fibrosis in heartlung, and kidney. The therapy reverses fibrosis in those tissues to a larger degree, and with greater reliably, than is the case for any other readily available approaches. Unfortunately small molecule senolytics are all tissue specific to varying degrees in their biodistribution and effects, and so the benefits are not universally realized throughout the body.

Image credit: Rama via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0 fr)

As an example of this point, researchers here show that uterine fibrosis and its consequences are unresponsive to dasatinib and quercetin senolytic treatment, though they do not determine whether the compounds reach the uterus to the same degree as is the case for the heart, lung, or kidneys. That leaves the question of exactly why this treatment is ineffective, poor biodistribution of the senolytics versus tissue-specific mechanistic differences in cellular senescence and fibrosis, to be answered at a later date.


Source: Fight Aging!