Is it Possible to Slow or Even Reverse the Process of Aging? – Innovita Research

Is it Possible to Slow or Even Reverse the Process of Aging?

There are many ongoing discussions about the possibility to reduce the effects of biological aging, or even eliminating/reversing it completely.

Here, the video presented below briefly summarizes the main concepts and research trends in the field of aging, and provides interesting commentaries from two world-wide recognized scientists, professor David Sinclair and assistant professor David Gold.

Image credit: NIH via Wikimedia, Public Domain

Among all things, you will hear some interesting facts about the causes of aging, its impact on our genome and epigenome, and currently known mechanisms of cellular repair. The research community unanimously agrees that it should be possible to perform a “perfect reset” on our body, and the same idea is supported here too.

Video also discusses theoretically viable means of slowing the aging down, including artificial stimulation of cellular repair mechanisms, and the use of Yamanaka factors for converting adult stem cells into pluripotent stem cells:

Video source: Veritasium