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Life gets easier with age? Scientists say that this could be due to mindfulness

Everyone wants to live a long, happy and healthy life. However, some of us are young and stressed already. In fact, sometimes young people are looking up to older people, because they look so calm and composed. Why is that? Is it true that life gets better with age? Scientists from the Flinders University actually found an explanation.

Older people tend to be calmer and generally more comfortable with their thoughts and feelings. Image credit: ZwieRys via Wikimedia

It is commonly said that life gets easier with time, because you gather experience, which helps dealing with various challenges that get thrown at you. You also learn to let the small things go. But it does take some work to develop those skills, called mindfulness. 

Scientists surveyed 623 participants aged between 18 and 86 years. They asked them about wellbeing and mindfulness. Scientists assessed participants’ mindful qualities such as present-moment attention, acceptance, non-attachment and looked for correlations with wellbeing. Scientists found that older people are able to be mindful much easier and the significance of mindfulness on their wellbeing increases with age. Scientists say that younger people can learn from that, because mindfulness is mostly a skill. Older people naturally develop it as they age, but younger people can use a variety of techniques to be more mindful.

But what is mindfulness? Mindfulness refers to human ability to be aware of one’s experiences and basically just live in the moment. Being mindful you are calm and away, you are able to assess changes without judging them prematurely. You are generally just nicer for yourself and those around you. And, as this new study shows, old people are better at being mindful, even if they didn’t purposely develop these skills.

However, you can use a variety of techniques to be more mindful. First of all, focus on the present. Observe your surroundings and the current situation, but do not judge it as good or bad. Don’t focus on the past. Secondly, focus on yourself. Recognize your thoughts and feeling and realize they will not last forever. This too will pass is a good saying, commonly used by older people. Finally, you can employ help to achieve your mindfulness. You can use apps, such as Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer, Smiling Mind, and Stop, Breathe & Think. You can also look into books, videos or even join a meditation group. If you are stressed, this may help you to cope with that.

These suggestions are especially necessary in this current situation. Global COVID-19 pandemic is killing a lot of people, but it is also causing panic and despair. There is no point in losing hope. Just be mindful, focus on yourself and use this extra free time to get out of this a better and happier person.


Source: Flinders University