Using AI/IoT and robotics for ultra-early diagnosis and rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease – Research video

Parkinson's disease is a disease where motor function is impaired due to the degeneration of nerve cells. At Tokyo Tech, researchers in materials science, ultra-sensitivity sensing, measurement, diagnosis, and rehabilitation are collaborating to develop ways of detecting Parkinson's disease and support rehabilitation. Two innovations showing particular promise are a measurement device for predicting disease severity based on how the patient walks, and a wearable robot that supports walking.

With the progression of science and technology, research fields are growing more and more specialized. To apply research to solving social issues, interdisciplinary research has become essential, bringing together the strengths of multiple researchers from basic to applied fields. As a science and technology university, Tokyo Tech conducts research in a wide range of areas, and even more so in interdisciplinary research that transcends academia’s traditional boundaries.

Source: Tokyo Institute of Technology