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Michael Antonov to Match Next $600,000 of Donations to SENS Research Foundation to support Work on Rejuvenation Therapies

Michael Antonov is one of a number of high net worth individuals who are interested in accelerating progress towards a first generation of comprehensive rejuvenation therapies, targeting all of the mechanisms of aging in order to cure age-related disease and extend healthy life spans.

The SENS Research Foundation remains one of the most important organizations in this space, focused on the scientific advances needed in order to repair the molecular damage that causes aging. Degenerative aging and age-related disease exists because the normal operation of youthful metabolism produces forms of damage as a side-effect: varieties of molecular waste that are both toxic and hard to break down; mutational damage to DNA; accumulating senescent cells; cross-links in the extracellular matrix; and so forth.

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Senescent cell accumulation can already be repaired to some degree, thanks to advances in science that led to senolytic drugs, the first class of rejuvenation therapy worthy of the name. The others will follow at a pace determined by how much funding goes into the necessary research programs.

SENS Research Foundation is delighted to announce a matching grant from the Antonov Foundation. The Antonov Foundation will match every dollar donated between now and the end of the campaign on December 31, 2020 – up to a total of $600,000!

SENS Research Foundation is incredibly grateful for this generous investment in the future we all hope to create – a future where getting older brings wisdom and experience but not disease, suffering, and pain. Thank you, Michael Antonov, and thank you to all who have donated so far to our end of year campaign. And if you're still planning on donating, there's no better time to do it than on Giving Tuesday this December 1!

Michael Antonov said: “I've followed and supported SENS research over the last few years and am excited to up my commitment this year because their organized, practical approach to combating aspects of aging, such as breaking down of cross-links, rejuvenating the mitochondria, and clearance of senescent cells has potential to help human lives and achieve age reversal in the near future.”

Over the past decade, thousands of visionary folk in our community have donated more than $10 million to the SENS Research Foundation. This support has produced clear progress towards the goal of rejuvenation. Neglected areas of research have been revived, companies created to start commercial development of therapies, and the field of rejuvenation research has gained legitimacy and support.

There is still so much to accomplish yet, of course! So I am very pleased to see that Michael Antonov is stepping up to provide a sizable amount of funding to the SENS Research Foundation in the form of a matching grant for the 2020 year end fundraiser. It is Giving Tuesday soon, and we should all use that opportunity to support the future that we'd like to see, one in which aging is controlled by medical science, and there is no more suffering in old age.

Source: Fight Aging!