Challenge: Device to Address Calcified Coronary Arteries – Innovita Research

NineSigma, representing a global 500 medical device company, invites proposals for technologies that can alleviate the deleterious effects of calcified coronary arteries in a manner that is both easier and safer than traditional angioplasty or atherectomy procedures.

Image credit: BruceBlaus/Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0

The goal of this RFP is to identify technologies, beyond those that are traditionally deployed, that can be adapted or modified into a treatment for moderately or severely calcified coronary arteries. Novel mechanisms that are able to achieve a precise, selective application of force are of most interest.

There is a need for new methods that improve upon ease of use over traditional angioplasty and atherectomy procedures, and at a reduced risk to the patient. The realized device, with these desired properties, must also be competitive in cost for the interventional cardiology market.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by Mar 31, 2021.

Source: NineSights