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Related Science News

January 19, 2022

Space Flight Destroys Your Red Blood Cells

It’s really true: space wants to kill us. And this time, space is trying to kill us from the inside out. A new study on astronauts living on board the International Space Station shows that while in space, the astronauts’ bodies destroyed 54 percent more red blood cells than they […]
January 19, 2022

Earlier ovarian cancer detection with a pilot version of "itty bitty" device

Biomedical engineering professor and BIO5 Institute Director Jennifer Barton has spent nearly a decade developing a falloposcope for ovarian cancer detection in its early stages. Banner – University Medical Center surgeon Dr. John Heusinkveld has now used the device to capture images of study participants' fallopian tubes for the first […]
January 19, 2022

A Suctioning Sleeping bag Could Solve eye Problems in Space

As any good cardiologist would tell you, blood flow is key to your health.  They probably won’t tell you that gravity is key to blood flow.  But that’s probably because they don’t usually have to deal with patients that aren’t subject to gravity.  When people are no longer subject to […]