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Related Science News

October 30, 2021

Scientists boost immune function in mice by mimicking natural renewal processes

New study identifies molecular players in ‘dead man’s switch’ that triggers key immune organ’s regeneration after damage. The pandemic has put immune function — and how to boost it — at top of mind. Most recommendations for boosting immune responses focus on lifestyle choices, including adequate sleep, a solid exercise […]
October 29, 2021

A MicroRNA Signature of Cognitive Decline

An enormous amount of data can be derived from analysis of the cells and molecules found in a blood sample. Researchers will be kept busy for decades yet, ever more efficiently gathering and mining this data, in search of ways to assess the progression of aging and specific age-related diseases. […]
October 28, 2021

Calorie Restriction versus Cancer, Viewed in Terms of Growth Signaling

The practice of calorie restriction, eating fewer calories while still obtaining sufficient micronutrients, is well demonstrated to reduce cancer risk in animal models, and also appears to improve outcomes in the case of an established cancer. This is similarly the case for practices such as intermittent fasting or fasting mimicking […]
October 27, 2021

Is Iron Metabolism an Understudied Aspect of Aging?

Many of the interventions demonstrated to produce interesting effects on the pace or state of aging are challenging to learn from. This is the case because these interventions change so much of the operation of metabolism as to make it hard to pick apart what is most relevant to the […]